Trump is Our Kim Jong Un

Published August 11, 2017

In 1980, when Ronald Reagan ran for president against Democratic incumbent Jimmy Carter, Iran had been holding more than 50 Americans hostage for more than a year. Reagan said if the hostages were taken on his watch “there would be no more Iran.” Of course, Reagan was just a candidate for president, not president. No one called it “irresponsible rhetoric.” In fact, I’m sure it won him votes. He may have even succeeded in scaring Iran, as it released the hostages the day Reagan took office.

Donald Trump supporters like to compare their hero to Reagan. Reagan’s own son, not a Trump fan, is among the many who denounce such comparisons. Reagan was for legal immigration, pollution controls, gun background checks, arms reduction and closing tax loopholes for the rich. He would probably be a Democrat today. Trump is much more like North Korea leader Kim Jong Un than Reagan. Actually, he’s remarkably like Kim Jong Un. In fact, Trump is our Kim Jong Un.

Both men are completely ego-driven. They have a sense of entitlement borne from being raised in a cocoon of privilege. Neither would be where they are without their dads. Both have always gotten their way and enjoyed every indulgence life has to offer (and have the waistlines to prove it). Both are prone to provocative rhetoric and exaggeration, and neither seems capable of reigning in his bluster.

Both men are painfully insecure and seem to have the maturity of grade-schoolers. They demand loyalty above all else and distrust anyone outside their inner circle. If anyone inside the circle questions them, that person will soon be outside. In Kim Jong Un’s case, they might even find themselves six feet under, as he has allegedly even killed family members he considered threats.

Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump also both control nuclear arsenals capable of unprecedented mass destruction. Kim Jong Un is considered one of the most dangerous people in the world. What does that make Donald Trump?