Happy Birthday, America

Published July 3, 2017

It feels like American politics is spiraling out of control, at least to me. I thought after the ugly 2016 election campaign things would calm down. I thought the vitriol would subside and the nation would grudgingly come together. Instead, the divide continues to widen and deepen and get even uglier.

Blaming the president is easy to do, and I do think the current tenor is mostly his fault. I think it’s his fault because that’s where the buck stops. I think his childish and vulgar name-calling in response to the slightest slight is setting the tone for how people are lashing out at each other on social media. I find his urging people to distrust the 4th estate and only believe him to be despot-like.

Unfortunately, if you are a Democrat, you have no credibility making these claims. And if you’re a Republican, you won’t make them because your contempt for the other party is too great. This basically gives the president immunity to say and do anything he wants and not lose political support. This is how deep the divide is.

The president could single-handedly change the tenor in the country if he wanted to. If he suddenly adopted a more civil and inclusive tone in an attempt to unify rather than divide, or if he suddenly developed thicker skin, he could have a positive influence. But that’s not him. He can’t change. And frankly it might be unfair to think he should be able to just because he’s president.

This man has lived in a cocoon of privilege his whole life. He cannot relate to you and me. He has never had to “change” for anybody. We simply must endure.

That’s my message today, folks. As I said in my book after the election, it is likely not the end of the world. So try to enjoy your life regardless of who is in the White House. Enjoy your relationships regardless of which political party your friends and relatives support.

There is more to life than politics, folks. There is more to life than hate.

Happy Birthday, America.